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NMC Directors


Alysoun Boyle (Chair)

Alysoun has been a NMAS accredited mediator since its inception in 2008, and is a Senior Mediator Member of the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  She has been active in the DR/CM community for more than twenty years.  She has been a Director of IAMA, or RI, and of Citizen Science Australia, in each of which capacities she has had an instrumental role in governance reviews.  She is a member of ADRAC and of the ADR Research Network. 

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Maureen Inglis

Maureen Inglis works as a mediator, facilitator and coach. An IMI certified mediator she has a strong interest in intercultural situations and peace building. Mediation experience includes workplace, civil court and not-for-profit organisations. She has worked with a broad range of people from executive level through to weekly paid employees in city, rural and remote locations.
In addition, Maureen’s experience includes facilitating processes such as conflict management and problem solving, counselling, planning, training and development. Her range of roles over the past several years has involved working as a Contractor for a national firm in areas such as critical incident (trauma), employee assistance programs, conflict consulting, counselling, planning, training and development. She has been on deployments across Australia.
As a member of Mediators Beyond Borders International, Maureen has facilitated intercultural mediations, recently worked in East Java training University students in Mediation and Dialogue as well as training and coaching women and youth leaders in Sierra Leone.


Joanne Law 

Joanne Law is the director of Mediation Institute and co-founder of the social enterprise Interact Support Inc. She’s a NMAS Mediator, FDR Practitioner and education professional passionate about the potential for mediation and other forms of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) to prevent disputes escalating into violence and abuse. Joanne is based in regional Victoria and is a strong advocate for the use of technology to make training, professional development and dispute resolution services more accessible for people regardless of their situation or circumstances.  


Ippei Okazaki

With extensive background in remote,  regional  zones across Northern, Central and South Australia Ippei maintains a practice facilitating some of the most complex, culturally diverse, trauma informed mediation and restorative practices.


Since 2006 Ippei has continuously facilitated,  coached & trained mediators and also managed  community mediation centres in the NT. He served ad a Director on the the Mediators Standards Board and was awarded Fellow of the Resolution Institute in 2022

He is an award winning advocate that provides grass roots support to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people who have been  abused institutionally, are survivors of colonisation and seeking recovery from major natural disasters (SA Black summer bushfires 2019-20 and River Murray Flood Relief and Recovery 2022- current).



Peter Mathie

Peter has a long background in community services and government in areas including youth services, employment, health, disability, and Aboriginal Affairs.
Peter established a management consulting practice in 2007 focused on assisting organisations to plan, budget and secure government funding. After completing mediation training in 2010 his practice become increasingly dedicated to mediation through the establishment and growth of Perth Mediation Centre.
Peter holds an MBA, Bachelor of Business, and Graduate Diploma of FDR. He is a regular FDR coach and supervisor with the College of Law and mediation coach with Resolution Institute as well as being included on various mediation panels.
Peter’s practice involves mediation of business, workplace and family issues. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering in the garden and boat building.   


Linx Macpherson (Secretariat) 

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