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The Board of NMC Ltd is saddened by the passing of Mr Furber in Alice Springs.  


Mr Furber worked with us in designing NMC2021 Mparntwe, and was a convincing and passionate advocate for locating the conference at the Desert Knowledge Precinct.  After Covid-19 curtailed any possibility of a face-to-face event, as a member of the Conference Design Committee and as a Hosting Elder, Mr Furber helped put together the immersive online event that so many delegates have experienced.  It was he who suggested that the Hosting Elders devise a collective Welcome to Country that encompassed the whole region of Central Australia.

Early in 2021, Mr Furber proposed that the conference include a Talking Circle for discussion of the Stolen Generations, of which he was a member.  Ultimately, despite some health concerns, he insisted on leading that Talking Circle, giving delegates a moving, personal insight into how that experience had shaped his life.  

We knew Mr Furber as a strong and articulate advocate for his people, and as a kind and compassionate friend who was keen for us to understand the complexities of his culture.

We will miss his wisdom, his insights, his humour, and his generosity.  It has been a privilege to know him.

We pay our respects to his family.

NMC Board November 2021

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